Hi, did you watch the above “Do It Yourself Pet Urine Odor Removal” video?

The video is about 40 minutes long, but it walks you through the professional way to remove pet urine in your home or business. This exact video is what we used in our company to train our new technicians regarding proper pet urine removal from carpet and other areas. The video is extremely thorough, so if you are a “do it yourself” type of person you will gain valuable experience. The tools that we use in this video are tools that a Homeowner/Business owner would buy at an affordable price. It is not the tools we would use in our business; most homeowners are not going to spend that kind of money for a one-time treatment. We are going to teach you exactly what is involved for a proper cat, dog, etc. urine odor removal and carpet. The video will also give you valuable knowledge if you decide to hire a professional pet urine odor elimination service company. You will now know if the company you hire is doing the pet urine odor removal process correctly. Our pet odor removal process comes from several decades of trial and error in 100’s of homes and businesses.

Let’s begin:

Most people can have 100% success if it is only a few dog, cat or other urine spots. Where it gets hard is when you have several urine deposits throughout your home or business. The video teaches you the proper way to remove urine from the carpet, the carpet pad, and the subfloor.

Do you know that most pet odor removal companies only treat the surface of the carpet, missing the critical urine-soaked pad and subfloor? That is why the urine smell comes back quickly, oh and do not get me started about companies that use masking deodorizers that make your indoor environment smell like lemon, cherries, etc. Deodorizers last for a few days, long enough for you to pay the pet odor service company before you realize that the odor is just as strong as it was before you shelled out your hard earned cash! You might not know this. If the urine spot on your carpet is 6 inches round, then it is 3 to 4 times larger on the backing of your carpet. Most service providers never treat the 3 to 4 times larger cat or dog urine area properly, so the urine is only partially removed from your carpet.

Disclaimer Time

Our 40-minute video has a Disclaimer.

The Disclaimer is there for a reason, I am not there at your home or business to look over your shoulder while you attempt to eliminate the pet urine odor from the carpet yourself. If you are going to try to do this yourself, I want you to be aware that you could damage your carpet or other areas of your home or business because you are NOT a trained professional. So, we are not responsible If you ruin your carpet, if you bleach your carpet, if you tear your carpet, etc., there are a lot of things that can go wrong If you do not have experience in pet urine odor removal.

The video is 27 years of combined experience and is used for entertainment purposes, so grab some popcorn and a drink and enjoy! So, watch and use our process at your own risk. 27 Years in the Pet Urine Odor Removal Trenches My 27 years of being in the odor removal business has given me the opportunity to help countless clients get their homes and businesses back to smelling clean again. Some of the biggest problems that we run into is usually we get called after the homeowner or business owner has already spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to get rid of this odor. They have removed the carpet and pad and replaced it with new without treating the subfloor. Most folks hire a company only to be disappointed at the end of the job. Most of the time as I said above, it smells good for a few days and then the foul urine odor returns. What usually happens is the homeowner or business owner calls the company they hired and informs them that the odor is back and they get a reply like this, I’m sorry we did everything we could so there is no refund.

Treating Concrete for Urine Damage

A lot of times we are called to treat the concrete in a person’s home for pet urine damage. Sometimes concrete needs to be flooded with our proprietary urine odor removal liquid/vapor then covered with plastic for 24 hours, then dried completely before we have success. Remember if your pet has urinated on the floor for several months to years, we need to recreate that amount of saturated urine that was dumped into the concrete floor. We also use our proprietary Industrial Strength Chlorine Dioxide Vapor to remove airborne odor and odors that have penetrated other areas of your property, like furniture. Wood subfloors are treated the same as concrete subfloors, we just use less product.

Painting the Subfloor

We run into this quite a bit. The subfloor has been sealed with a paint primer of some kind in an effort to seal the odor in. This is a good idea in theory, but it usually does not work unless you are using a “Micro Emulsion” sealer. Think of it this way, regular sealers look like boulders under a microscope and a micro emulsion looks like pebbles. So, the regular sealer allows odors to seep out between the openings and our micro emulsion does not. I am trying to save you from blowing a bunch of money without getting anything in return.

Our Proprietary Vapor System

Most odor removal companies never treat the 30%. Think about this for a moment, when you are standing in front of that urine spot on the carpet and looking down on it do you smell the urine odor? That means the odor is airborne. About 30% of the odor is airborne and it attaches to furniture, walls and other surfaces inside your home causing these areas to smell also. Our TAVS system eliminates the odors in furniture, walls, etc. all while treating the air.

A Big Benefit to Using Our Vapor System is it Also
Reduces Pet Allergens!

Our Industrial strength Chlorine Dioxide is well known for reducing indoor pet allergens quickly. Basically, it changes the structure of the allergen, so your body no longer recognizes the allergen, so you no longer have an allergy attack. Call us for details.

In the meantime, watch the video below from Dr. Sturgen.