Hi, welcome to another episode of odor removal pros today. We’re going to do probably one of the worst odor jobs we’ve ever encountered. This happens to be a duplex where the previous owners smoked cigars for over 50 years in this duplex. The investors that bought this are gonna flip this property.  They were going to replace all the walls, all the cabinets, all the floors, they were going to tear all this stuff out and they were going to spend tens of thousands of dollars extra doing this. They were able to find us online and they hired us to get rid of the odor. Of course, we have a hundred percent guarantee. You pay us nothing if we can’t remove the odor. So they gave us a chance. We were able to come in here within 24 hours and remove the smoke smell completely. We have a proprietary system that we use to remove odors like this, and you’re going to see our system, how we use it.

We have an industrial strength chlorine dioxide gas. Look at the wall in the video. Look how dark orange it is. Look how much tar is caked on this wall. So watch the video, watch how we did it within 24 hours and save these investors tens of thousands of dollars. All right. Thank you. Okay. You saw the living room now here’s the bedroom. In fact, the whole house looks like this, the kitchen, the bathroom. Look how dark orange it is in the video above. This tar is 50 years of smoking cigars in this duplex. Look how bad this is. This was crazy. Okay. So we’re going to start our cleaning process. We have a proprietary cleaning process that we use. We have a special soap that basically melts tar off of walls, off of ceilings, off of floors. As you can see, we’re removing that top layer of tar.

Now this wall in the video above isn’t going to look absolutely brand new because of the staining… the stain is still going to be there. But it’s extremely important that we get rid of that top layer of tar. A lot of people will paint right over this, right? And then that odor comes back and by then, it’s too late. But we do have a process for that. If you happen to paint over the wall, we can save you. We have a system, we have a microemulsion that we can put over the wall that will stop that odor from coming through. But this is the way you do it. You remove the tar from all the surfaces, cabinets, walls, floors, and ceilings depending on how bad it is, right. 

So we’re doing everything. Baseboards, floors, walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens, everything. Right. So here we are. So our product worked so well. It just melts the tar off the walls. I was saying, as you can see in the video, it’s just coming right off that top layer, extremely important to do this. Now we have to make sure everything’s sealed off in the property before we start our gassing. These windows were missing the window pane. So we’re going to put plastic up to stop that gas from escaping into the, um, you know, outside right there. Okay. So here’s our gassing system. It’s 0.1 to four nanometers in size. What, what does that mean? That’s 8,000 times smaller than a micron. There’s nobody using industrial strength chlorine dioxide, like we do. So we’re able to penetrate walls, cabinets, everything. We used seven systems inside this duplex to get rid of that Odor. Within 13 hours of gassing, that smell was completely gone. 

Testimony from Client
“Thank you. We just, uh, had this disgusting duplex that we purchased to renovate. And the owner here had lived here for, I don’t know, 50 years or something like that. Smoked cigars continuously. It was a hoarder house. Um, the place was just disgusting, It is honestly a night and day difference. It is amazing. Um, there’s no smell, even some of the walls that were just plastered with yellow and nicotine coding are completely white. You almost can’t tell. Um, it’s amazing. And it saved us thousands. So we don’t have to completely dry wall the house again. So thank you, Wendy. We appreciate it.”

Okay. So this is two months after we finished – the property is completed. They’ve sold the property since.  We were able to get rid of the odor completely. Like I said, we saved them tens of thousands of dollars on this property.